Bathroom Designs to Give a Try this 2022

The mantra that everybody should have is: new year, new life, new bathroom. Now, seriously, you probably have been upgrading your home office or your kitchen and remodeling your living space. This year, find a bathroom remodeling contractor and start investing in your toilet and bathroom.   

Your bathroom deserves some facelift because after all, it represents how clean and organized you are. The problem with designing and upgrading is that if you do not know some things, you will never have any idea how to do it. While some people think it is easy to do renovations, the reality is far from it. So, we are here to help you decide what you can try in your bathroom renovation and remodeling.  

The first thing you can do is to opt for eco-friendly materials and items in your bathroom and you can start with your toilet paper. While this may not be too grand, it somehow makes a difference. In fact, since the pandemic, humans have used more toilet paper because of the hoarding that happened in the first lockdowns. And a new year means we get more conscious of the environment and look at necessity with fresh eyes. Bright white toilet paper, which was once a sign of quality, is becoming more intrusive and unnatural in people’s eyes because of its harmful effects on the environment.   

The second style you can employ is to have a minimalist color play. Yes, minimalism is still on the go in whichever part of the home. This involves concentrating on a color scheme that is refreshing to the eyes and making sure that everything is visible in one glance. Bathrooms are spaces where we need to feel comfortable and calm and using color theory, we can maximize what our bathrooms can do for us.   

The third design that is in trend now is art décor lines. Art Deco is an art style between the 1920s and 1930s characterized by bold and precise geometric shapes with strong colors. And if you think it can be intimidating, well, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this art in your bathroom. Before, Art Deco was colorful, but now, you can choose one color such as black.   

The fourth design you can have is statement towels. There are varieties of choices and designs you can try like black and white classic, playful pattern colors, chessboards towels, and many more. It gives more personality to your bathroom and some elements to it.   

The fifth style is fixtures that are vintage-inspired. Fixtures need to be given attention too, as your bathroom’s aesthetic quality will also be highlighted by them. One of the ways to make your bathroom pretty is to have vintaged-style fixtures. Whether it is your sink or mirror area, vintage-looking designs will surely have a blast in your bathroom. What makes it good is that compared to the high-end trend now, this can be more affordable while being classy at the same time.   

There are many designs you can try this year and we just named a few. Just remember that is all about making it your personal space and exuding in your designs your personality to make it more personalized.   

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